Welcome to www.KokityMassage.com, the web site for Licensed Massage Therapist Pál Kokity.

     So many clientele tell me that they have friends, family, and coworkers whom they would like to refer to me but they have do not know how to describe my integrative approach to bodywork.  They commonly ask me, Paul (the English spelling of my name), “what is a sentence or two that I can use to describe your bodywork?”  My goal is to have this web site be available for marketing but, more importantly, be available for everyone (potential and existing clients) to better understand my services and how I may be able to help in their healing process.


2021. . . A New Office!

As of Mid-November 2021, I am just around the corner from my previous office. The address is still 5225 Old Orchard Road Skokie, Illinois 60077, but the Suite is now #31, aka Be Optimal Holistic Health Center.

My SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Status:

Current international re-infection evidence, and what I learned in college-level Immunology classes shows that there really isn’t any long-term protection for rapidly mutating coronaviruses (aka the majority of “common” chest colds). I had contracted and was moderately sick with SARS-CoV-2 from late December 2020 to early January 2021. That exposed my immune system not only to the CoV Spike proteins that current vaccines focus on but, also, the less variable CoV Envelope and Nucleocapsid proteins.

Thank you for visiting and please contact me with any questions.

Be well,

Pál Kokity, BS, LMT