Self-Care Classes

Announced: 2 Classes posted at Yogaview

Ball Rolling 101: Beginning Techniques for Self Care – 9/23/17

Ball Rolling: Getting to the Core – 10/7/17

Both are on Saturdays 1-3:30pm at Yogaview Wilmette

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Too often, I see people coming in with large areas of tightness that can be addressed without my intervention.  And, the crazy thing about it is that the majority of them are active people who do stretching, yoga, foam rolling, and other forms of bodywork.  I end up spending a large about of our time together on general “tightness” instead of getting to the “real” problem.  Self-care is easy once you start to recognize the hierarchy of the body and what areas dominate to keep you from achieving balance and how to use the right techniques to release them.  Doing so allows you to work smarter instead of harder.

To teach people to how most effectively self-care, I have developed a series of classes, centered around ball rolling, to help people achieve and maintain their wellness and fitness goals.  Everything taught within the workshops is based off of my extensive training, experience, and mimics the techniques that I find most effective for releasing and re-balancing the body.  I try to teach it in as fun of a manner as I can and to try keep it from getting overwhelming.  To help with this, I include a fully illustrated class manual so you can focus on experiencing the techniques instead of memorizing them.  Plus, a slide show presentation is given to eliminate the need of flipping through the pages of your manual during class.  I, also, try to note any relevant questions that students ask so that I can provide the answers in future class manuals to help eliminate the need to write anything down.

In these workshops, you will be learning how:

  •  Postural imbalances create leverage to work against any bodywork attempting to create change in your body.
  • There is a hierarchy to your body that affects your posture and the healing of injuries. Learning about it will allow you to work more efficiently with your body.
  • Most yoga and stretching techniques focus on releasing muscles in one dimension, their length. This class will add width and depth to taking care of your body.

All classes have been taking place at the Yogaview studios in Chicago and Wilmette.  You can learn more about them on my Ball Rolling Classes sub-pages.