Ball Rolling 101

Ball Rolling 101: Beginning Techniques for Self-Care

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 1 – 3:30pm

Yogaview Wilmette

1231 Green Bay Rd., Wilmette, IL 60091

$45 at the door, $40 in-advanced (Includes a class manual)

Ball options:

BYOB, 3-Ball “Basic” kits are $25, 7-ball kits (pictured) are $50,

& 5 ‘trial’ kits are available on a first-come basis


Do your therapy sessions have trouble creating long-term change in your body?

Do you have problems accessing a “deeper” and more balanced yoga practice?

Do you wish you knew how to self-treat chronically sore areas, tight muscles, and posture problems?

Ball rolling is a great way for people to self-treat sore areas, tight muscles, and posture problems in a way that other tools cannot.  But, how do you know how to use them effectively and in a way that compliments your other self-care practices?

In this introductory class, Pál will be teaching students the fundamentals of how to use balls to mimic “deep tissue” massage to release tight tissue and ‘knotted’ muscles in our bodies.  We will be begin the class with learning the principles of how to sink onto the balls, feel a release, and guide the balls through our tissue.  Then, we will apply these principles to work with some of the most important areas of collapse and compensation with the body.

Pál’s classes are taught using a combination of tools to help students optimally learn ball rolling.  To help you apply the techniques outside of the class room, a comprehensive class manual is included so that we can focus on feeling and understanding the techniques during the class instead of just memorizing what to do.  For attire, it is recommended that you wear lightweight flexible clothing.

Space is limited. Workshops are posted on On the workshop page, you may find my classes faster by selecting “Ball Rolling” in the Class type drop-down menu. Reservations may be made online or by calling 847-919-0533