Waiver & Informed Consent

Pál Kokity’s Client Waiver & Informed Consent

By receiving therapeutic services from Pál Kokity, you agree and understand that:

  • Licensed Massage Therapists do not diagnose medical (physical or psychological) conditions, prescribe medications, or perform chiropractic manipulations.
  • Mr. Kokity’s services are not a substitution for professional medical examination and that is is recommended for you to seek a qualified physician for any ailment that you may have.
  • You will disclose all of you medical conditions and medications that are affecting you to the best of your knowledge.
  • It is your responsibility to keep Mr. Kokity updated on any changes to your condition(s).
  • You are responsible for any charges incurred in the course of your sessions(s). Such charges may include insufficient notice (less than 12 hours) for cancelling and/or not attending appointments. If you arrive late to an appointment, you are still responsible for paying for the full scheduled time.
  • You are aware that a session may be stopped at any time by either party.

I, Pál Kokity, LMT, specialize in rehabilitated bodywork techniques for postural strain, injuries, scar tissue, and connective tissue health. I, also, have success helping clients with a wide variety of circulatory, respiratory, neurological/cognitive, digestion, elimination, and reproductive disorders. The techniques I primarily utilize are stretching, cranial-sacral therapy, and Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR). All of these fall within my legal scope of practice which is the intentional manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purpose. Any joint mobilizations/stretches that I perform are focused on releasing the soft tissue restrictions of the joints and only use the bones as levers to help release such restrictions.

For your information:

  • Hygiene/etiquette: Please do not wear any perfume/cologne to the session.
  • Oils/Lubricants: Most of my techniques are performed without lubricants.
  • Attire/Draping: Your comfort and dignity are important to me but to optimally help you:
    • General: Depending on session focus, you may be able to wear lightweight non-textured clothing. Otherwise, it is preferred that you undress down to underpants. This is because MFR requires direct skin contact for releasing connective tissue. Top sheets are available for drapery.
    • Bras: Women may wear a bra, however, if I need to do shoulder and/or thoracic work, anything that is too restrictive will need to be removed. A top sheet may still be used for your modesty.
  • Inner-Oral Techniques: I perform Cranial-Sacral and TMJ techniques that are applied inside the mouth. While doing so, I will wear sanitary gloves or finger cots to do so.
  • Breasts: I do my best to work with womens’ level of modesty regarding their breasts but it is often important to work with them for “opening up” the chest for posture and cardiovascular problems.  Plus MFR/scar tissue release work is excellent for helping with augmentation, reconstruction, fibrotic cysts, and clogged ducts.
  • Pelvic Floor: This area is vital to address if you want to re-balance your posture. Most techniques I use are all externally performed with me doing my best to avoid the midline (anus & genitalia).  These techniques are mostly performed through drapery/underwear and always to your comfort level.

As you may know, or will find out, I am pretty thorough in explaining what I am seeing and feeling in your tissue and posture, what I think the best techniques and strategy are for helping you, and why I will perform them. Ultimately, you have the right to choose and let me know what areas you do or do not want addressed during the course of a session and what it is your responsibility to let me know what your comfort/modesty levels are for me working with you.