Location & Rates




As of July 2017, I am no longer offering my services out of Yogaview Wilmette.  My new office is located within Solace, A Gathering Place in Skokie, Illinois.  My current availability is:

  • Mondays: 8am – 8pm
  • Wednesdays: 8am – 8pm
  • Thursdays: 8am – 8pm
  • Fridays: 8am – 8pm
  • Saturdays: 9am – 6pm
  • Sundays: 9am – 6pm

Solace, A Gathering Place located at 5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 24B, Skokie, IL 60077. There is plenty of parking available.  Please call me at 630-220-8550 for more information or to schedule a session.

Full’ Pricing:

The pricing for people who are one-timers or who only come in occasionally for a bodywork session is $95 for 60 minutes, $140 for 90 minutes, and $180 for 2 hours.

‘Interval’ Pricing:

To financially help clients who are coming in at least once a month, my ‘interval’ rate is $87 for 60 minutes, $127 for 90 minutes, and $160 for 2 hours.  People who are starting coming in for a series of sessions can receive the interval rate by paying for and scheduling the first two sessions as long as the second session falls within the monthly interval requirement.  If the second session is later cancelled, part of the money paid toward it will be used to pay full-price on the first session.   Interval pricing is only available for clients coming to Solace and cannot be applied to on-site/house call visits.

“Therapeutic Oil” Massage and Cupping Pricing:

All of my sessions, except for two, follow the above pricing.  The  “Therapeutic Oil” Massage option is an additional $20 due to the extra expense of the oils and extra cleaning requirements.  The other two ‘oil’ options are the same price as my ‘dry’ therapeutic services.

Cupping Sessions are $110 for 1 hour to cover extra cleanup time.

Cancellation Policy:

When you schedule a session, you are affecting my livelihood reserving my time for yourself and preventing other people from working with me.  For that reason, I implement the industry standard of requiring a 24 hour minimum notice of cancellation.  Payment for a cancellation, or missed appointment, will be required before you can continue receiving my services.