Most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth because they are looking for something different from mainstream medicine/physical therapy that will help take care of the source of their aches. For everyone else who is just looking for options to help de-stress, I still have options that are great for general wellness. Below is a general list of categories of bodywork services that I offer. You can click on links within them or select from the ‘services’ drop-down menu to learn more:

“Oil” Massage:  Most of my bodywork sessions are ‘dry’ to allow me to work more efficiently with the connective tissue. For the clients wanting to have a session that is more of a ‘pampering’ session, closer to that of a so-called Swedish Massage, I still have three options that involve very healthy and rejuvenating oils and body butters for the skin. You can find out more about those on the Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Options pages of this web site.

Therapeutic Bodywork:  At this point, of working with people for over 19 years, there really isn’t any part of the body that I do not have experience working with. The majority of my sessions use a combination of cranial-sacral and myofascial release techniques with traditional Thai massage body mechanics to help everything from head-to-toe. I use a combination of what you tell me with my years of experience, comprehensive training, and intuitive skill for energetically feeling what is going on in your body to decide what/where to start first.

Cranial-Structural Bodywork:  Essentially the same thing as Craniosacral Therapy, this technique uses the range-of-motion of joints within the skull to release tissue restrictions and excessive pressure. Cranial-Structural helps with a wide variety of neurological, cognitive, sinus, jaw, inner ear, scar tissue, PMS, and spinal problems.

Cupping Therapy:  AKA, Negative Pressure Myofascial Release. It has an amazing ability to bridge several modalities including MFR (myofascial release), lymphatic drainage, neuro-muscular therapy, and reflexology/acupressure making it one of the most holistic treatments for almost every condition that I can think of.

Aromatherapy:  I have a broad array of essential oils that can be part of an add-on for a ‘dry’ bodywork session or incorporated into an oil massage.

Children’s Bodywork:  The Cranial-Structural and Myofascial techniques that I perform are great for a broad spectrum of children’s issues. Is your child suffering from crib head, chronic ear infections, headaches, posture problems, or any variety of childhood injuries? Or, does your child have any conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or Down Syndrome that creates ‘special’ physical, neurological, or cognitive needs? Please contact me and/or visit the Special Needs Children page listed under ‘information’.

Men’s / Women’s Reproductive Health:  Illinois allows me to do pretty thorough bodywork if there is a therapeutic purpose for doing so and that I have your informed consent to work with the breasts and/or pelvic floor.  This is an area that I did not plan on getting into but discovered that I am pretty good at it and have had a few clients say that they prefer me over mainstream pelvic floor specialists. Please visit the Reproductive Health and Informed Consent pages for more information.

Reiki / Bio-Energetic Therapy:  I am a master-level Usui Reiki practitioner and can incorporate elements of a couple different bio-energetic techniques for working with the vital/life force energies of clients.