This page used to be full of the typical jargon about how my sessions are a custom-tailored to fit each persons’ individual needs.  I had a huge list of techniques available for you to choose from that would even make Baskin Robbins say, “That is a lot of options!”  To me, these types of listings are generic, too impersonal, and can be overwhelming if the list gets too long (mine is).  Now, my strategy is to give you the best information that I can to let you decide if it resonates with you and let you contact me when you are ready.  Then, we can figure out what to do with you.

Most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth with some clients being considered at least 4th generation referrals.  These clients usually find me because they are looking for something different from mainstream medicine/physical therapy that will help take care of the source of the problem.  Many are not going to care as much about my long list of techniques but, for those who do, you can find them on the techniques page.

By now, you may be loving how I write, and you are about to contact me, or your Type-A(nswers now) side may be saying, “Pál, just tell me what you do. Can you cure me?  Give me a yes or no!”  My first test of your patience for the therapeutic process is to have you to read more.  If you do not find the answer encrypted somewhere on my web site, please contact me to discuss your situation and how I may be able to help you.

As I grow the website, there will be pages (listed as sub-pages under “Services” or “Articles”) that describe every aspect of my services, classes, and the healing process.  They will be the best way for people to start to understand it all because, so far, I have not been able to condense it down to one page.  The pages/topics will include:

  • Informed Consent: An online copy of what I am now giving to people.  My licensure requires that I get this from people when treating unusual areas such as inside the ears and mouth. It also is required for areas of modesty, such as for working around breast tissue (for scar tissue release, ‘lump’ releasing, and uneven implants) and pelvic floor work (too many conditions to list).
  • Conditions treated based off of my actual experience with clientele
  • My therapeutic approach. . . Meaning, how I analyze what is going on, how I decide to do what I do during a session, and why I may (not) actually end up doing it once I get started.
  • Session Preparation & Etiquette and what to expect during a session.
  • Post-session self-help
  • Two Emotional/Physical body connection articles are already listed and are recommended readings