Most of my clients find me through word-of-mouth with some clients being considered at least 4th generation referrals.  These clients usually find me because they are looking for something different from mainstream medicine/physical therapy that will help take care of the source of the problem.  My strategy is to first listen to what your concern is.  Then, I will give you the best information about what techniques (I know) may be able to help you and my experience in helping people with similar issues.  If it resonates with you, great. We can start the bodywork and try to figure out what to do with you whenever you are ready to start it.

Below is a general list of bodywork services and categories that I can help you with.  If you do not see your issue/condition below, please ask me about it because, after 14+ years of experience, there isn’t much to the body that I do not have experience working with.

Children’s Issues:  The youngest child that I have performed bodywork was my daughter at one month old.  For her, I performed the cranial-structural work to restrictions in her head caused by the birthing process and myofascial work on her to help release bowing in her legs and to help center her ankles that were strongly everted from tightness in the tissue up her inner legs.  Almost 7 years later, to the best of my knowledge, she has never had an ear infection.  Please visit my ‘Special Needs Children’ to learn more about my work with birth defects, Autism, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, and other conditions.

Cranial-Structural Bodywork:  Essentially the same thing as Craniosacral Therapy, this technique uses the natural range-of-motion of the skull to release tight tissue throughout the skull.  It is no different than stretching of the hips or shoulders to release tightness and improve circulation in the area.  The only difference is that I am working with millimeters of moment instead of a big dynamic range of motion.  Cranial-Structural helps with a wide variety of neurological and cognitive conditions, sinus problems, inner ear conditions, headaches and migraines, surgical/trauma scar tissue release, concussions, and other issues within the head and down through the spine.

Cupping:  AKA, Negative Pressure Myofascial Release.  Cupping is a very old therapy that can be found dating back to all of the indigenous/early cultures.  It has an amazing ability to bridge several modalities including MFR (myofascial release), lymphatic drainage, neuro-muscular therapy, and reflexology/acupressure.  When bio-magnets are installed within the cups, Polarity Therapy is an additional quality it uses to help direct circulation, reset spastic nerves and muscles, and push polarized toxins out of the tissues.  For that reason, it has the ability to be one of the most holistic treatments for almost every condition that I can think of.I plan on creating a page purely dedicated to it soon.

Headaches and Migraine Relief:  There are many things that affect these.  That being said, the cranial techniques are great for relieving strain on the brain and helping with the circulation of fluid around and through the nervous system.  This can decrease hypersensitivity and improve the regulation of neurotransmitters.  But, working on the skull/brain is usually not enough because imbalances in the pelvis can pull down from the ‘bottom’ end of the nervous system.  For this, pelvic myofascial technique are performed with possibly some Cupping Therapy.

Injuries and Repetitive Strain:  As mentioned above, there really isn’t any part of the body that I do not have experience working with.  The biggest limiting factor for getting people better isn’t the effectiveness of my techniques but, rather, peoples’ habits that strain the healing process.  For that, I am able to give some basic guidance and tell you about a few exercises and stretches that you can do to help retrain your body and habits.

Lymphatic Drainage:  Cupping, with specific gliding techniques, can be used to drain lymph from congested areas.  When used this way, it is referred to as Negative Pressure Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  Instead of pushing the fluid along, as Manual Lymphatic Drainage does, Cupping creates an expansion of space within the tissue that draws fluid into it.  Then, gliding techniques move it toward the nodes or ducts for your body to process and eliminate it.

“Oil” Massage:  Most of my bodywork sessions are ‘dry’ to allow me to work more efficiently with the connective tissue.  For the clients wanting to have a session that is more of a ‘pampering’ session, closer to that of a so-called Swedish Massage, I do still have three options that involve very healthy and rejuvenating oils for the skin.  The “Aromatic Dessert”, the “General Oil”, and the “Therapetuic Oil” sessions.  You can find out more about those on the Oil Massage and Aromatherapy Options pages of this web site.

Pelvic Floor Health:  For both sexes, Illinois allows me to do pretty thorough external pelvic bodywork if there is a therapeutic purpose for doing so and that I have your informed consent.  At the moment, I do not perform anything specifically for the genitals but I do know how to thoroughly work everything around them.  In doing so, I have a success helping people with incontinence issues (pressure leakage and frequency related), inflamed prostates, some prolapsing in women, constipation, and menstrual pain.  I, also, have had a lot of positive feedback regarding how my pelvic work has improved virility, sexual gratification, and quality of orgasms in both sexes (mostly admitted to by the ladies, of course).  And, there is one instance that I know of where a female client, who had difficulty getting pregnant before finding me, was able to conceive afterward.  Who know if that was my doing.

Posture and Scoliosis Focused Bodywork:  Uses a combination of Cranial-Sacral, Myofascial Release, and Thai bodywork techniques to help address asymmetries and postural strain in our body.  Cupping Therapy may, also, be used as I integrate it in with my other modalities.  Scoliosis is one of my primary specializations that I have a lot of success with.  Even in 70 year old women.

Scar Tissue Relief:  I have worked on scar tissue for everything from Brain surgery down to bunion surgery.  Scar tissue from carpal tunnel, thyroid, spinal fusions, cesareans, other abdominal scars, hip/knee replacements, and other surgeries that I cannot think of at the moment.  If you don’t see yours listed here, ask me about it.

Spine, Disks, Fusions, & Stenosis:  My Biomedical Science degree was from a school known for its Chiropractic program.  If they could have made my nutrition classes be about the spine, they would have.  So, I have a lot of education and a lot of experience working with a very broad spectrum of spinal problems.  The cranial-structural techniques that I perform have an extremely high success rate at resolving stenosis caused by the buildup of (scar) tissue and other techniques that I use are great for decompressing the spine to create more space for the nerves and there have been some MRI results that have shown a stabilization or reversal of the degeneration in clients.

Breast Health:  Again, this is an area that Illinois allows me to address with informed consent.  I have been able to help women with scar tissue release for augmentations and full breast reconstructions, implant repositioning, and dissolving cysts. Then, it grew into finding how there is tight tissue in the breasts and chest that needs to be addressed to fully address all of the tight tissue that exists in the front from bad posture.  Now, I am also performing myofascial release to dissolve cysts and promote better circulation from wearing bras.


Please the following pages/topics to better help prepare you for bodywork sessions with me:

  • Informed ConsentAn online copy of what I am now giving to people.  My licensure requires that I get this from people when treating unusual areas such as inside the ears and mouth. It also is required for areas of modesty, such as for working around breast tissue (for scar tissue release, ‘lump’ releasing, and uneven implants) and pelvic floor work (too many conditions to list).
  • Session Preparation & Etiquette and what to expect during a session.
  • Post-session self-help
  • Two Emotional/Physical body connection articles are recommended readings for helping people understand what trapped emotional-energetic trauma can start to be expressed and processed by the body as we work with your body.