Yoga-Specific Massage


Are you having problems with a particular yoga position?

Would you like to:

Improve your balance and flexibility?

Better access the yoga asanas?

Pál is now performing focused bodywork sessions designed to help Yoga practitioners release their bodies to better access the toughest and trickiest elements of the yoga positions.

During a session:

  • Pál will assess your flexibility and palpate (aka feel) for the primary areas that are limiting your ability to correctly execute the asana.
  • A massage sequence, comprised mostly of myofascial release and traditional Thai massage, will be performed to help you improve your yoga practice and achieve your goals.

“I have had hundreds of hours of bodywork from many different and talented professionals. However, my bodywork experience with Pál has been profound in lasting way beyond temporary stress relief. He has helped to transform my body in ways that 10+ years of yoga has not (but perhaps prepared me for). His combination of cranio-sacral work with deep tissue massage released the deepest holding in my body, especially in the pelvis. I went from moderately flexible, but still chronically stiff in areas, to radically open. Deep poses that I never thought would be available to me in this lifetime are, truly, now possible. He comes with my highest recommendation.” – Sarah Hillenbrand, yogaview Wilmette instructor,