Reproductive Health Therapy

As of 2017, Illinois law, massage therapists are allowed to pretty much do any manual techniques externally to the body that fit the definition of massage. As for ‘internal’ pelvic techniques, it use to be a lot more restrictive but there currently are not any ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’ written into the licensure laws leaving it a gray area open to interpretation.

  • Pelvic Floor:  At the moment, I do not perform anything specifically for mens’ genitals but I do know how to thoroughly work everything around them and have had a lot of positive feedback (from both sexes).  In doing so, I have had success helping people with issues including incontinence (pressure leakage and frequency related), inflamed prostates, some prolapsing in women, constipation, severity of menstrual pain/cramps, and episiotomy/scar tissue release work.  I, also, have had a lot of positive feedback regarding how my pelvic work has improved erectile dysfunction, virility, sexual gratification, and quality of orgasms in both sexes.  And, there is one instance that I know of where a female client, who had difficulty getting pregnant before finding me, was able to conceive afterward.  It is hard to know if that was my doing though.
  • Breast Health: At first, I began with helping women with scar tissue release for augmentations and full breast reconstructions, implant repositioning, and other complications from surgery. Then, it grew into working with tight tissue in the breasts and chest that needs to be addressed to fully address breathing problems, headaches, and bad posture.  Now, I am also performing myofascial release to dissolve cysts and promote better circulation from wearing bras. I, also, can teach women some of what I know so that they can perform preventive care on themselves.

Please visit the Informed Consent page to read what is given out (and signed) at the first session.