Scoliosis Correction

Since 2007, one of my main areas of specialization has been working with Scoliosis.  I have been able to generate significant changes in clients all the way up to 80 years old.  And, I have had several 50-something women who I have been able to completely straighten out mild to moderate scoliosis.  One of these days I will get a more detailed page talking about my success with scoliosis but, in the mean time, here is an awesome testimonial from one of my clients that endured spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis, more than 50 years prior to finding me, and was one of the first to have Harrington rods installed in their back.  This pretty well sums up the possibility of what can done to improve the quality of life for someone suffering from scoliosis:

I have very severe scoliosis that was partially corrected, when I was 13 years old, by a long fusion of my spine and two Harrington rods.   The surgery had mostly stabilized my spine but over time my ribs, pelvis, and legs continued to collapse deeper into the scoliosis, making it difficult for me to stand up straight and use stairs. In addition, it created a lot of pain most of my joints.  I had severe shortness of breath with limited use of one of my lungs that made any type of respiratory infection literally a danger to my life. The aforementioned issues also created digestion problems from the ribs pressing down into my stomach.

My surgical and medical physicians recommended the usual…more physical therapy.  However, a MD friend recommended an evaluation by a yoga therapist who then suggested I supplement our yoga therapy sessions with manual therapy with Paul.  I was skeptical at first when, at the evaluation, he told me what he could do for me. It sounded too good to be true, especially for a 64 year-old woman and over 50 years after my surgery.  Most of my physicians chalked up the health issues I had to aging and arthritis, with the only solution anti-inflammatories (if requested) or more surgery.  Within a few weeks of treatment, my skepticism was gone and my physicians were proven wrong.  

Thanks to Paul’s massage techniques, I regained height, strength, lung capacity, and the change in my rib cage made my acid reflux manageable.  My friends were amazed at how differently, energetically and freely I moved.  Well, that’s what happens when, thanks to Paul, pain is reduced. I even asked Paul to accompany me to an appointment with my primary care physician, who was one of the few physicians in my cadre of MD’s, willing to consider alternatives outside of traditional medical protocols.   He was impressed with Paul and how much better my life and health was thanks to our therapy sessions.  In addition to him, my gynecologist was almost literally blown away by the return of my pelvis to near normal position which should have been impossible due to the fusion.  Finally, among the more unusual skeletal changes courtesy of Paul’s therapy is that he managed to fix a ‘hollow’ on the right side of my skull that apparently is common with scoliosis.  Paul’s cranial techniques got rid of it and that really impressed my doctors.

Paul does not rest on his laurels.  He is constantly looking for ways to improve the outcomes of his therapy, by taking classes and challenging what can be accomplished through massage.  I am intensely grateful for how he has changed my health and thus my life.  He listens to you and provides a treatment program tailored to your needs, even if he has to create one from scratch.   On a 10 star scale, I would give him 15!

 Mary B., Evanston, IL