Myofascial Unwinding

Do your massage sessions provide only short term relief of certain problems?

Do you wonder if, or why, there are postural holding patterns that you seem to be stuck in?

FYI’s about “consciousness” and communication within our body:

  •  When we think of those two words, we often think of the nervous system. This is the body’s slower form of communicating “awareness” that is very much like electrical current traveling through a wire or circuit. It can get pinched, short-circuited, cross-wired, overloaded, etc.
  • Then, there is the collagen matrix of our connective tissue which surrounds and permeates every cell of our body. It has a hollow-tube design that, when properly hydrated, functions like fiber optic cable to allow for a much faster, and higher, form of communication. German (and American) research now supports that this as the pathway for our “consciousness” and the electromagnetic field commonly referred to as our “Aura”
  •  Injuries and emotionally-rooted holding patterns condense and dehydrate the collagen matrix to trap trauma within us and affect the flow of “consciousness” within our bodies.
  • The tensile strength of collagen is comparable to steel at approximately 2000 lbs. per square inch.

    The end result = A lifetime of strongly-held physical, energetic, and emotional trauma that shapes the health of our whole being, our relationship to Life, and relationships with other people!!!

Do you want to finally experience a method that can access and release the deepest aspects of this stored trauma?

     It cannot be achieved through the more common invasive approaches to “Deep Tissue” massage and trigger point techniques, which can only release the superficial “consciousness” that our nervous system controls.

“But, I do meditation, controlled breathing, and/or counseling”

     None of these address the collagen matrix which, as described above, is the vessel through which our consciousness experiences Life. Allow yourself to unwind past this trauma to help you move forward in Life in a more balanced and powerful manner with Myofascial Unwinding (part of my John Barnes’ Myofascial Release® training).

Help release trauma from:

  • (Pre)birth
  • Early childhood
  • Relationships
  • Accidents/injuries/surgeries
  • (insert your Life here)

My personal experience:

     I have always been extremely protective of my throat. My only real weakness, when it comes to being sick, is my sensitive respiratory system. I spent a large portion of my life either being sick or recovering from acute bronchitis/walking pneumonia. And, then, there are the numerous allergies that I suffer from during the part of the year that I am not sick.

I discovered, through my own unwinding experience, that so much of the above relates to my first trauma, being born and my struggle to breathe afterward. I was a “blue baby” and my first trauma outside the womb was a fight to breathe (and live). I had difficulty breathing and getting oxygen, and it has impacted me ever since then. My unwinding session allowed my body-consciousness to finally process and release the experience. I feel like I am breathing better and deeper than ever before and my shoulders are far more relaxed than ever before . . . and they were barely touched during the session!

Other changes felt by my classmates include:

  • Posture changes
  • Aches/TMJ/myofascial pain released
  • Phobias disappear
  • Allergies/autoimmune disorders diminish or resolve
  • Improved mental health (depression, rage, etc.)
  • Hormones & Thyroid problems improve
  • Rape/abuse resolved
  • Breast/sexual development changes
  • Weight lost
  • “Colors are more vibrant and smells are more fragrant”
  • Relationships saved

Myofascial Unwinding does not replace massage, yoga, meditation, counseling, etc. It enhances their benefits. Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes long.

The above is my interpretation of Myofascial Unwinding. More information about it can be read at the Resources page of the Myofascial Release web site.

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